Current Wranglers


danielle bowden

Danielle is starting her 2nd season as a Wrangler. She has been involved in performing arts since she was 6, including belly-dancing, and was in a music video featuring Snoop Dogg. After too many years as a Senior Manager of IT, she now teaches Theatre Arts to teenagers. She loves to cook and make artwork out of empty wine bottles. A certified Scuba Diver and world traveler, she has visited 38 countries, the most interesting of which was Papua New Guinea.


Luke bowerman

Luke has been a member of the LA Wranglers for one full year now. Looking back on that year, he can say his highlight would be his first performance of "We Were Us" at Gay Days of Cathedral City, in Cathedral City, CA.  Mostly because people kept stopping him to say how he grinned from ear to ear the entire time! Luke is a Registered Nurse in the surgical department at a hospital in Los Angeles, so dancing has become something he greatly looks forward to as stress relief and an opportunity to make new friends. Luke is excited for the new friends, routines and travels the next season as an LA Wrangler will bring!

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lindsey castillo

Lindsey joined the Wranglers in March of 2013, winning the team's heart with her signature hairography.  She came to us from Orlando Florida, where she studied every form of individual dance, and taught dance for 7 years.  These days, she's a Post Production Supervisor for Reality Television.  Lindsey loves baking, musical theater, and corgis.  She's obsessed with Disney, Harry Potter, and Overwatch.  She's terrible at drawing, she's afraid of outer space, and she can't say "Brewery" properly. Most embarrassing Wrangler moment: changing at LA Pride and getting caught stark naked by Wrangler Michael!



Abigail hamilton

Abi teaches Language Arts and serves as the Upper Elementary and Volunteer Coordinator at a private school in Hollywood. Los Angeles has always been her home; she loves to be able to swim, sail, and kayak one day, then hike, rock climb, and snow board the next. Abi is obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cosplay, and all things horror! Most days, she can be found line dancing, volunteering, or spending time with her darling nephew. After discovering Oil Can Harry’s twelve years ago, Abi quickly became a fan of line dancing and the LA Wranglers. She finally joined the group in the fall of 2017 and is excited to begin her third season! 


shane kirkpatrick

Shane is thrilled to continue his time with The LA Wranglers. Shane started his journey in 2010 after watching the LA Pride performance. He has been a professional dancer since 1987, including 5 National tours, 4 International tours,  4 International Companies and 3 Broadway Shows. He also served as production Stage Manager for 1 International tour. He served as an Associate Choreographer, Choreographer, and has also been seen assisting his favorite instructor, Jeremy Box.


danny pugh

Officially, Danny has been a Wrangler since January 2017 although, he's been a committed groupie since at least 2012. Besides dancing, he's a Creative Director and really loves his work. He went to film school and is a huge movie fan. A lesser known fact about Danny is that he's obsessed with astrology — he has a website and YouTube channel where he endlessly overwhelms people with complicated esoteric information. His most embarrassing Wrangler moment was when he had his fly down during the entire performance — he thought he was giving the performance of a lifetime, but everyone was just staring at his pants. 


christina ramos

Christina joined the Wranglers in 2016 and is excited to be starting her third season with the group. She recently completed her dual masters program in Theatre Management and now fills her days as the Education Coordinator at a performing arts center. When she isn't dancing or working, she's looking up tax law or making graphs about interesting things. Her (least) favorite Wrangler moment was when Wrangler Michael knocked her hat off during a performance at Long Beach Pride and she went tumbling after it. 


rachel santora

Rachel has been with the Wranglers one year. Outside of the Wranglers, she loves to visit Disneyland, go to Chicago Cubs games, and teach kindergartners. She also loves to travel and go on fun adventures! Her favorite place she has visited is Ghana, West Africa. Rachel spends a lot of time in Chicago and Detroit visiting family, and she travels all over for circuit line dance events. Her most embarrassing Wrangler moment was throwing her hat on the floor during a Palm Springs performance, everyone still makes fun of her for that one. Rachel has grown up dancing and is so happy to be a part of the Wranglers.



Rosalina is entering her second season with the LA Wranglers and couldn’t be more excited. When she isn’t on the dance floor busting a move, she enjoys exploring and hiking in the great outdoors as well as her job as an elementary school teacher.



Rick is our founding member of the LA Wranglers and all around amazing DJ that could whip a retirement home birthday in to a rager with his discography prowess. He also enjoys a good charcuterie board and making people smile.


Andrew has been with the LA Wranglers for several seasons making him a proud legacy member of the group. Always greeting people with a chuckle and a joke, he is our calming voice of reason during stressful pre-performance prep. Andrew also works for Disney as an associate producer. He enjoys baking muffins, topiary sculpture and training to be an amateur perfumer.


This tall glass of boyish good looks and charm is Nick. Our resident rocket scientist via JPL in Pasadena, enjoys dancing his heart out any opportunity he gets. The rest of his time is spent rearranging his sock drawer, asking his boyfriend, Greg, where his missing socks are disappearing to, and playing with his dog, Echo.


Meet the Board

The L.A. Wranglers have recently incorporated into a nonprofit organization!
Wranglers Los Angeles Dance Association is a tax-exempt (EIN: 82-1908766) corporation based in West Hollywood that serves the Los Angeles Area through education, promotion, performance, and the producing of events like WWLA. Our founding board members work tirelessly to create and expand an organization that supports and preserves the LGBT country-western community in the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

Jeremy Box - Chairperson

Christina Ramos - Treasurer

Shane Kirkpatrick - Secretary

*Photos coming soon!*